CC Digital Human Contest - The Witcher / Man of Steel Animation

Hi All, this is my entry for Reallusion's CC Digital Human Contest. This is my first ever attempt at creating a digital double and didn't realize I picked the trickiest one. It was very hard to get right and over a course of two months part-time, I managed to create a satisfactory result. It is not 100% but I think it was a great learning project. Picked up a lot of new things, with help from my brother pointing me in the right direction on how to approach things, thanks

I used CC3 together with IClone live link, Unreal Engine, iPhone face live to create the animations, it's raw capture from the phone no edits, ran out of time, but the results out of the box were good enough. For Hair, I used Houdini Indie to UE4 groom workflow, and for other bits combination of ZBrush, Blender, Substance Painter.

Animation and environment created using UE4 assets, Screenshots from UE4.

WIP thread can be found here where you can see the amateur start to the finished video you see here.